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 Iyona Laurrel is a singer, composer, instrumentalist, song writer, and performer. She has always loved to perform, demonstrating her talents in band, orchestra, choir, theater and summer recitals.  Iyona began singing professionally with a live band in early May 2013 at 16 years of age. At that time she worked with a small entertainment company as a Solo Pop Soul artist. By the summer of 2016, Iyona’s Pop Soul style had matured into the classical field. A tremendous amount of work, effort, commitment and support have gone into expanding Iyona’s talents and training as a classical vocalist. “Songs” and “Tunes” have become “Arias”. Practice in her bedroom has become intense session with professionals and vocal trainers. Knowing that classical music is done with tremendous commitment, discipline, and structure, Iyona wants to share it’s beauty with the world. Iyona’s mission going forward through the journey of enlightenment with the Classical genre is to help individuals who are in the need of “positive direction and development”. Iyona Laurrel wants to be an example of a strong and positive mindset and she wishes to mentor youth through meaningful songs that many generations will enjoy.





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